About Adrenaline Design

With a product idea and the belief that even the “little guy” can make a difference, Rob and André created Adrenaline Design Inc. in August 2012.

And, since those humble beginnings, Adrenaline’s product line has grown.
Adrenaline Design’s innovative technologies are now being licensed and sold across North America and the world.

Adrenaline Design’s office is located in Montreal, Quebec, one of the largest sports cities in Canada and home to some of the largest hockey manufacturers in the world.

To bring new & innovative performance technology to the discerning athlete that will help them compete at the highest level.

Our People

Rob brings more than 25 years of business experience and over 40 years of hockey experience to Adrenaline Design. With the company, Rob has developed several, leading edge patented technologies for the elite hockey player and goalie alike. Prior to Adrenaline Design, Rob was with Mission-ITECH – a major manufactures and wholesaler of hockey equipment – where he led the operations team to achieve new levels of performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

André is the president of MTM Lefebvre Group, a private equity investment company that provides venture capital to sports-related companies such as Adrenaline Design. Other holdings of MTM Lefebvre Group include Dynowear – a company that designs, manufacturers and sells learn-to-skate products; as well as the Montreal Pond Hockey Festival – an annual, outdoor hockey tournament held on the frozen ice just off the shores of island of Montreal.