Amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference. Feel like I’m getting the most out of every stride.

The POWERFOOT inserts are great. Just what was missing in my new skates. I can feel more power on my take offs and turns. I found out about them on You Tube “Hockey Tutorial” by the guy out of the UK. Rating is 9 maybe a 10. My skate are still in the break-in period […]

In short: I love these inserts. I have a pair of VH skates that I loved the low-profile toe box and these inserts replicate that high performance feel in my other skates. I can’t overstate how much these help me eke every bit of performance out of my skates. They’ve helped improve my feel on […]

Rating: TEN! Just a great product [POWERFOOT inserts]! Easy to apply & completely changed the feel of my skates. I gave the inserts a TEN because: Speed of delivery: They shipped very quickly & customer support/communication from your company was top notch. Application: Took the laces out, sized them & applied them. After lacing up […]