The toes are extremely important in generating power and maintaining balance while skating. By stabilizing the toes within the toe cap, the toes essentially become more effective. Starts are more explosive, toe snaps at the end of the stride are more efficient, and balance during crossovers is maximized.

Controlled, quantitative testing showed 5-10% more power being generated with the inserts. This means 5-10% less strides to go the same distance & less energy exerted as well as improved performance.

The vast majority of skaters using the inserts find that their skates are “even more comfortable with the inserts than without.”

Yes. Because the inserts stabilize the toes, there is less toe movement and therefore less chance of aggravating bone spurs or the plantar fascia.

Yes, all major brands including Bauer, Reebok, CCM, Easton, Mission, ITECH and Graf. The inserts also work well in skates such as the Easton Mako that have a relatively low toe cap profile (less empty space).

JR-sized inserts are for skates Y13-JR5.5. SR-sized inserts are for skates SR6-12.5. The JR and SR-sized inserts each come with a thin shim in order to adjust the thickness of the insert, if desired, in order to give a tighter fit.

Your toes should feel snug but comfortable. You should be able to move your toes slightly (about 1/8″).

If there is discomfort within 5 minutes of lacing up the skates, the insert is too tight.

Ensure that the insert is positioned properly within the toe cap. Remove the shim (if applicable). For some players, it takes 2-3 times on the ice before getting used to having any type of pressure applied to the tops of their toes. Similar to breaking in a new pair of skates, the insert foam will […]

If you can move your toes more than 1/8″, the insert is too loose.